Hunt and Gather is a mobile boutique based in New York City.  We are a thoughtfully curated shop specializing in women's apparel, accessories and home goods.  With a focus on local as well as up and coming designers, we hope to bring craftsmanship and creativity back to our customer.  With fast fashion becoming such a predominant part of our culture, our hope is to create a sense of connection between our customers and the designers we feature by shifting the focus from quick and cheap back to quality artisanship.


Meagan is a Brooklyn-based designer with a degree in photography. While studying Interior Design at Parsons, she was itching to get out of the classroom and put her skills to use in the real world. Shortly after leaving school, she found work and a creative outlet as a Freelance Exhibit and Visual Presentation Designer, dabbling in set design and construction, event planning and coordination — and everything between. As a Jill of all trades, Meagan continues to follow her love for beautiful things and smart spaces into that place where function and aesthetic meet. These days she's focusing on creating and curating a thoughtful experience for her customers while providing a much needed platform for fresh, new, talented artists and designers.


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Originally from North Carolina, Allison received a bachelors in Clothing Design at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  After graduating, she relocated to New York City where she continued to hone her skills and interest in working in fashion.  She has worked for various large fashion groups in a number of different departments, including merchandising with VF Corporation, Accessories Design with Club Monaco and in Wholesale with Alberta Ferretti.  Each of these experiences has helped mold an understanding of the many aspects of working in the fashion industry.  While working as an account manager for a multi-line showroom, Allison worked very closely with buyers at specialty boutiques by helping them select the best pieces for their specific stores. This is where she finally began to heed the calling to open her very own shop and began the development of Hunt & Gather.